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How Much Should Editing Cost?

Posted by Kristen Hamilton on March 22, 2013 at 3:45 PM

How much should editing cost?

The Editorial Freelancer's Association's Editorial Rates Chart is the gold standard for how much editing should cost. When you convert the hourly wages to the per-word wages I use, the results are:


  • The average rate for developmental editing is 3.6 to 22 cents per word. I charge 3.0 cents per word.*
  • The average rate for line editing is 2.6 to 24 cents per word. I charge 2.0 cents per word.**
  • The average rate for proofreading is .009 cents to 1.5 cents per word. I charge 1.2 cents per word.***


*According to the EFA's July 2015 Editorial Rates, developmental editing charged avg. of $45-$55/hour for 1-5 ms pages per hour.

**According to the EFA's July 2015 Editorial Rates, line editing charged avg. of $40-$60/hr for 1-6 ms pages per hour.

***According to the EFA's July 2015 Editorial Rates, proofreading charged avg. of $30-$35/hr for 9-13 ms pages per hour.

Take a look around Google for proofreaders. Some charge up to $13.50 and above per page! Why pay more when you can have the same quality of editing at a less expensive rate? Contact me to get a quote.

My rates are at the lower end of the spectrum. Of course I could charge more, but I don't. Why? I'll give you three reasons:


  1. I work from home and I work alone. (In other words, no overhead costs and no employees to pay.)
  2. I live in Idaho, where cost of living is one of the cheapest in the United States.
  3. I LOVE my job. (No, really. If I didn't have to pay bills, I'd do this for fun!)


No matter which editor you choose, do your homework before selecting an editor. (Does the editor offer contracts? Sample edits? Does the editor have good feedback, a healthy portfolio, and happy clients' testimonials?)

Good luck with your editing search, and please feel free to always reach out to me with any editing questions you may have!


Book editor Kristen Hamilton is the owner and sole employee of Kristen Corrects,

Inc., where she provides manuscript editing services for traditionally and self-

publishing authors. Several authors whose books she has edited have won

awards and have topped Amazon's best sellers lists.

Reading is Kristen's passion, so when the workday is over, she can usually be

found curled up with a good book (alongside her three cats, Sophie, Charlie, and

Jack). She loves watching cat videos and scary movies, eating pizza, teaching

herself French, and traveling, and she is likely planning her next vacation. She

lives outside of Boise, Idaho.

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