About Kristen Hamilton, book editor

Kristen was the girl who, in grade school, would read instead of play at recess. She was soon reading five books a week. Obviously, she has had a passion for words her entire life.

After earning a degree in English and writing at Boise State University, Kristen pursued a career in freelance writing and editing, and now works with clients across the globe. As a book editor, Kristen accepts all genres but is particularly fond of plot-driven fiction. The only book editor at her company Kristen Corrects, Inc., Kristen personally edits every line in every manuscript—and loves it. There's nothing quite like doing what you were made for.

Reading is Kristen's passion, so when the workday is over, she can usually be found curled up with a good book (alongside her three cats, Sophie, Charlie, and Jack). She loves pizza, cat videos, watching The Bachelor, and traveling, and is likely planning her next vacation. She is the author of A Larger Silence and lives outside of Boise, Idaho. 

Please contact Kristen for questions, book editing advice, or to see how she can help you advance to the next stage of your writing career.

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