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“I've worked with other editors and proofreaders but none have impressed me as much as Kristen. She has an amazing grasp of the English language and what it takes to fill in the places where your writing falls short. She beat the deadline I gave her, she communicated effectively, and she went beyond what I asked for in proofing. I definitely have plans to use her again in the near future!”

- Evan Tyler, author of A Happy Accident


“With Kristen Corrects, I found a real jewel. Kristen was a joy to work with. All her corrections made my manuscript stronger. She had a good sense of what I was wanting to communicate. Kristen is always professional; she answered every question and email and completed the project exactly as agreed upon. Not only do I highly recommend her, but she will be my first choice for editing services on future projects.”    

 - David Squyres, author of Judges: The Wild West of the Bible and Goliath's Head

“I highly recommend Kristen as an editor. Kristen has the ability to pay attention both to the small flaws in a manuscript as well as to capture the big picture. As an avid reader herself, she understands how to keep a story interesting and flowing. She provides clear and specific instructions on how to place back story, lengthy descriptions, etc. in their proper place. Kristen is professional, has an excellent work ethic and delivers when she promises. I will definitely hire Kristen again.”
- Alicia Anderson, author of On Daring and Life

Kristen edited a query letter for me and went above and beyond what I expected. Not only did she revise it, she looked at old versions of my query and wove them together to help me create the best version. Her turnaround time was fast, and throughout the entire experience, she was courteous, friendly, and helpful!

- Tiffany Dawn Munn, author


"Three years of writing our manuscript...we were ready for the next steps. Professional editing. However, we had zero clue how this all worked. That's where Kristen came in! We found Kristen Corrects via Kristen's user friendly website. When we were navigating through each section - we felt as if we were already talking with her. We then contacted Kristen and hired her on the spot! 

We are very fortunate to have Kristen edit our book. What's great about her - she is a one gal shop. She does all the work and truly cares about her craft. Her professionalism, support, attention to detail, hard work, prompt replies, answering all our questions, suggestions - you name it, that's Kristen! 

After she completed our project, in a timely fashion, Kristen stayed close by helping us through the next steps of publishing. Kristen is not just our professional editor, but our friend - who played a huge role in making a dream come true. We are forever grateful. On a scale of 1-10, we give her 1,000! Would be a million, but people may not believe us." 

- Jason Fitzgerald & Vijay Natarajan, authors of Crunching Numbers


If I had known about the high quality of editing from Kristen Corrects, I would have contracted with her long ago. Kristen Corrects is a very professional, timely and cost-efficient editing service. My only regret is that I didn’t find Kristen Corrects sooner.

- Alan Brenham, author of Cornered


"When I was a child, I used to be fond of a show called Exosquad. One of the most memorable moments in that show was a conversation between a career pirate and a military officer fighting together in an alliance. By this time the two had developed a respectful, working relationship. As the war draws to a close, the pirate attempts to convince the officer to go into business with him once hostilities cease. The line I remember so well is when the pirate says: 'I have trusted many men with my life. You, I would trust with my money.'

Working with Kristen made me think of that show, and that particular line. I spent many years developing my manuscript. I have trusted people with many things; Kristen, I would trust with my manuscript.

I spent more than a decade developing my setting and the story that takes place there. That is a long time to spend working on anything. I feel the highest praise I can offer is to state that working with Kristen helped to restore my faith in my own project. She thoroughly and effectively gave useful guidance ranging from word choice, to plot-threading. And at all times she did so with a level of care that demonstrates that she does indeed understand just how personal any manuscript is to the one who writes it.

I could go on at length about Kristen's superb mastery of the language, and her understanding of the brick and mortar that forms the written word. But the truth is, that is not why I recommend her. You can get that from many editors. A wise man once said that people will not remember exactly what you say to them, but they will remember forever how you make them feel. Kristen made me feel that I was working with someone who actually cared about the success of my project, rather than someone to whom it was simply a job. If your manuscript is your child, Kristen is the perfect nanny.” 

- Bryan Shewmaker, author of Providence Ends 


Working with Kristen is one of the best decisions that I've made in a long time. She is personable and so very talented. Her work is remarkable and clearly she is a first rate editor and proofreader. I'm extremely pleased with her work and soon she will help me with my work as an author. Well done Kristen!

 - Daniel Belanger, President of Beltech, Inc.


"I was having a very bad tug-of-war situation between publishing companies and agents eager to have my book. As my book had just gone to print, Kristen was so helpful with expert advice when I really needed it... I highly recommend her services to anyone!"

- Ken Hood, author 


"I just finished going over all the edits and I must say that I am very happy with the changes. Kristen took everything I was trying to say and made it shine! I've always considered myself to be a serious writer, but this is the first time that I actually believe that I am. While I know I still have a long way to go, this experience has been the best confidence booster. I absolutely love the edits. I was smiling the whole time!” 
- Teondra Easterling, author


I've had such a wonderful experience working with Kristen. For a new novelist the publishing process can seem daunting, even scary. She was professional in her dealings, tactful in the handling of manuscript improvement issues, genuine and encouraging with her feedback, and punctual with meeting her promised deadlines. If my experience with Kristen is any indication of what my overall publishing experience will be like, I'm thrilled that I decided to take this journey. It's clear she loves her job and helping writers achieve success.

- Tracy Causley, author


"Working with Kristen on my manuscript has been the most beautiful experience! She addressed all my concerns and questions within 48 hours. Kristen completed the editing services I requested by the due date just like she said she would and I couldn’t be happier with the results. 

I cannot begin to explain how happy I am that I chose Kristen as my editor from the very beginning. After reviewing her feedback from the first round of editing and digesting the recommendations she gave me, I implemented her recommendations to make my manuscript better. My book would have not come this far and would not have been as good as it is now if it weren’t for Kristen. Most importantly, she cares about her client’s work and career, whether it’s starting or developing. I rave about Kristen to my friends and I would choose to work with her again in the future!

If you’re looking for someone who genuinely cares about your work, wants to see you succeed and will set you up for success, Kristen is the one you want to work with. Her attitude, personality, professionalism and knowledge are the reasons why I chose her over all the other editors out there. I will continue to work with Kristen as I am now and I can tell you with full confidence that you won’t regret your decision when you work with her!"

- Gurpreet K. Sidhu, author

“I was absolutely blown away by the high quality of Kristen's work and ethic. She was kind, punctual, efficient, meticulous, friendly, and supportive. She went above and beyond what I expected from an editor, and clearly had my best interests in mind. I found her feedback encouraging and unfiltered. I definitely will use her services in the future for any projects, and will recommend her to all my friends and family who have aspirations to publish a book.”     

- Richard Li, author of Find True North

I'm so happy I found Kristen! She did an outstanding job proofreading and editing my stories. She delivered on time and was extremely thorough in her work. Kristen is the consummate professional and I am looking forward to working with her in the future. I highly recommend Kristen to anyone who insists on professional results.

- Francis Burger, author of Weirder than Weird


"I'm the luckiest author in the world to have found Kristen. I interviewed 10 editors for my book. Kristen won me over with her energy, enthusiasm, and vast experience working with various genres. Kristen is a brilliant catalyst with specific word meaning and connecting these to my prospective audiences. My book is a NF/Motivational/Inspirational read about overcoming any adversity in your life. I’m a motivational speaker and not a writer… Kristen made me seem like a poet!

    I get emails daily about the wonderful flow of the chapters and how they tie together to the overall theme of overcoming anything you face in life. Kristen patiently worked me through my rough draft and walked me through each phase of the book.

    If you want an editor with endless energy, brilliant wordsmith of tying together a book in any genre, you need Kristen! I refer Kristen to everyone that approaches me about writing a book. I’m so excited to start my next book soon. Feel free to contact me if you have any questions about your book and Kristen’s editing.” 
    - Gregory Q. Cheek, author of Three Points of Contact


    Kristen is a talented and professional editor. She communicates very well and keeps you in the loop on everything. I enjoy working with her. 

    - Dana Cire, travel blogger at Wanderlust or Bust


    “When you’re a writer, finding a great editor is like finding a great doctor. You want one that understands your goal, listens to what you need, and doesn’t send you to the poor house. Most of the editors I found had great portfolios, but their price per word to edit my manuscript gave me nightmares. I kept thinking, isn’t there someone who will do a great job for me, but won’t completely empty my wallet in the process? Finally, I stumbled upon Kristen Hamilton with Kristen Corrects and my prayers were answered.

    At first, I was a little worried that a less expensive price meant sub-par editing, so I had her do a sample edit for me. I was please with what she sent back. I read about her experience, checked everything on her website and Facebook page, and decided I liked what I saw enough to give her my hard earned money. Her average turnaround time as of this post is two weeks, which surprised me, so I didn’t have to wait long. I was amazed how much information and feedback I received from her. I immediately set to work implementing the changes she suggested.

    A year and two edits later, Blood Cure is fine-tuned and ready to be published in just a few months. Kristen has been professional, friendly, and courteous every time I have emailed her with a question, and for me, that makes her rank at the top of my list. I couldn’t have done it without her (or I could have, it just wouldn’t be as good!). So if you’re looking for an editor who will be honest, professional, and help you take your writing to the next level, I highly recommend Kristen.” 

    - K.R. Willis, author of Blood Cure


    The work Kristen did on my book Flannel Gowns and Granny Panties was outstanding! She made me look like I knew what I was doing. She is the best!


    "I found Kristen during a web search and approached her as an unpublished amateur writer. I could not have asked for a more courteous or considerate reception from a seasoned professional.. She graciously took me on as a client immediately and provided a much needed manuscript review within the time frame she promised. I found her evaluations and review objective and instructive in true professional form, which was exactly what I had hoped for. I highly recommend Kristen to anyone needing the excellent quality editing services she provides.” 
    - Ben L. Hartman, author


    “Kristen has a desire to have a positive impact on those around her, as well as a strong work ethic and a diligent spirit that unfortunately is sadly lacking in many today. She is an inspiration! I sincerely thank her for being a part of Modern Gladiator magazine and being my trusted companion/ colleague through this challenging yet worthwhile journey. Kristen shines as brightly as a star and I look forward to the future of Modern Gladiator magazine and the formidable role that she plays in making sure the magazine shines as brightly as she does.”

    - Martin Alvarez, CEO of Modern Gladiator magazine

    "Kristen is a joy to work with. I mostly appreciate how she instinctively knows what my [writing] voice is and the way I use it. I don’t think she ever had to ask for that. It’s uncanny how she just knows." 

    - Kat Hibbard, author of the Chubby Chasers trilogy

    “Her suggestions definitely helped me! Writing is a very personal profession and I for one do not take criticism well, but her suggestions and corrections are truly presented so well that I do not take it personally. I am truly glad to have her input on my work!"
    - Tanya Kennedy, author of the Terarch series

    The editing was masterful, Kristen kept my essence, and the flow was phenomenal.

    - E.A. Snowden, author of NAMUH


    "As a first time-author and being very new to the editing process, Kristen Hamilton was a godsend. Her patience and thorough attention to my books, along with her 'delicate' education via websites and helpful articles, helped shape me as a writer as well as helped to bring my books to their fullest potential. I have so much confidence in Kristen that she is currently editing my third book! She's a great asset to any author and I highly recommend her completely!"

    - Susan B. Roara, author of The Right Family series


    "To say that Kristen is really good at what she does would be a huge understatement. Kristen was honest, professional and extremely knowledgeable. She gave me the hard truth about my work, which is exactly what I needed. I had to make some significant changes to my first manuscript, but Kristen was right there with me throughout the entire process. She was excellent at capturing my overall vision, patient, efficient, superb with her turnaround times, and dedicated to my project as if I were her only client, even though I wasn’t.

    I am most certainly going to work with Kristen again and would absolutely recommend her to anyone looking to get quality work and the total package as it relates to editing services."

    - Maurice Belfonté, author of The Foreigner 


    Kristen is one of the most talented, lovely, grounded and 'nice' literary people I have ever met. We work as a team. She tolerates my occasional flurry of insecurity emails very well. Her advice is easily given and always pertinent. We have done two of my books together so far. She is very special to me. Don't hesitate. Work with her! Your book will improve greatly. A million thank yous, Kristen!


    "I could not have asked for a better experience working with Kristen...this would never have been possible without her and I can never thank her enough for her work on the project. I am eternally grateful for everything and can’t wait to send her my next book.” 
    - Lou Paduano, author of Signs of Portents, Resurrectionists




    The Year They Tried to Kill Me

    by Salvatore Iaquinta

    Edited by Kristen Hamilton

    The Trial of Garrett Palmer

    by Terrance J. Pinckney

    Edited by Kristen Hamilton

    Pinnacle Lust

    by Michelle Dim-St. Pierre

    Proofed by Kristen Hamilton

    Three Points of Contact

    by Gregory Q. Cheek

    Edited by Kristen Hamilton

    On Daring and Life

    by Alicia Anderson

    Edited by Kristen Hamilton


    You Can't Make This Stuff Up

    by Foster Cline

    Edited by Kristen Hamilton

    Love Sick

    by Autumn J. Bright

    Edited by Kristen Hamilton


    by Kyle Jones

    Edited by Kristen Hamilton

    Unspoken Languages

    by Robin Ayers

    Edited by Kristen Hamilton

    Born to Die

    by Lezleigh Vincent

    Edited by Kristen Hamilton


    Signs of Portents

    by Lou Paduano

    Edited by Kristen Hamilton

    Tales from Portents

    by Lou Paduano

    Edited by Kristen Hamilton


    by Lou Paduano

    Edited by Kristen Hamilton

    The Red Field

    by Jason Taylor Morgan

    Edited by Kristen Hamilton

    O'Rourke, The Medicine Man

    by Jason Taylor Morgan

    Edited by Kristen Hamilton


    Catherine: A Hundred Year Love Story

    by John Legget Jones

    Edited by Kristen Hamilton

    Flannel Gowns & Granny Panties

    by John Legget Jones

    Edited by Kristen Hamilton

    Lady Rose and Mr. Stuart (Real Whisky series)

    by John Legget Jones

    Edited by Kristen Hamilton

    The Adventures of Boochi Malloochi

    by Sal Corrente

    Edited by Kristen Hamilton

    Crunching Numbers

    by Jason Fitzgerald & Vijay Natarajan

    Edited by Kristen Hamilton



    by Christina Morelli

    Edited by Kristen Hamilton

    Anna and the Artists

    by Stewart O'Bryan

    Edited by Kristen Hamilton

    Fish Heads and Folktales

    by Peter Moran

    Edited by Kristen Hamilton

    The Guardian's Protector

    by Debbie Kowalczyk

    Edited by Kristen Hamilton


    by L. Anthony Skelton

    Edited by Kristen Hamilton


    Blood Cure

    by K.R. Willis

    Edited by Kristen Hamilton

    Who's Going to Stop Us Now?

    by Meri Har-Gil

    Proofed by Kristen Hamilton


    by E.A. Snowden

    Edited by Kristen Hamilton

    Faith for Ava

    by Alexis Prince

    Edited by Kristen Hamilton

    Butterfly Red Sky

    by Aubrey Moore

    Edited by Kristen Hamilton


    The Plots Against Hitler

    by Danny Orbach

    Edited by Kristen Hamilton

    Priests of War

    by Chris Layne

    Edited by Kristen Hamilton

    Goliath's Head

    by David Squyres

    Edited by Kristen Hamilton

    The Right Family

    by Susan B. Roara

    Edited by Kristen Hamilton


    by Alan Brenham

    Edited by Kristen Hamilton


    Summer Blood

    by Sherri Jordan-Asble

    Edited by Kristen Hamilton

    The Receptivity Project

    by Leslie Bank

    Proofed by Kristen Hamilton

    The Gentleman's Code Book

    by Jojo T. Williams

    Edited by Kristen Hamilton

    Francette and the Mystery of the Deaf Soldier

    by Karine Brégeon

    Edited by Kristen Hamilton

    Some Call it Life, Others Call it Faith

    by C.M. Hodges

    Edited by Kristen Hamilton