Editing Packages: A Step-by-Step Guide

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My editing packages are very popular among Kristen Corrects clients! The vast majority of my clients opt for one of my editing packages:


  • The Basic: line editing and copyediting—two passes over the manuscript
  • The Standard: manuscript critique, line ed...
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How I Handle Editing Touchy Subjects

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In my eight years as a book editor, I've edited a range of books with touchy subjects: extreme political beliefs, sexual content, or other taboo or risqué topics. (And full honesty here: Some of these books go against my personal beliefs or even make me cringe while editing them.)

But while I have my own personal beliefs that might not always align with t...

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1. What genres of books does Kristen edit?
Kristen edits a wide range of books under the fiction genre, including general fiction, sci-fi and fantasy, romance, thriller, and mystery. She also commonly works with memoirs (creative nonfiction) and literary fiction. Above all else, she prefers plot-driven fiction, meaning the book should have a central conflict for the characters to overcome, and well-d...
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Working with Kristen Corrects: Tips and Tricks

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There's a lot of helpful info in here! Please read this page in full to find out more about the editing process. (Still have questions? Contact me!)

Order of Editing

Each of my

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Choose Me! 5 Reasons Why You Should Hire Me

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I'll be the first to admit that I'm not alone in my field. It seems that everywhere I look, there are private editors or companies who are competing against me for your business. In a market this competitive, there must be something to set me apart from the others.

Below, a list of things that gives me a cutting edge against the rest. Why should you hire me?

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