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Line Editing

Posted by Kristen Hamilton on June 21, 2015 at 1:40 PM

Line editing focuses on improving sentence structure, looking at the logic and clarity of scenes, maintaining consistency, rhythm of sentences, and breaking up too-long paragraphs. It makes sure, for example, that each character has consistent actions, or that the spelling of a name or place doesn't change. If something is muddy or hard to understand, I will ensure it is clear and reads easily. In the line editing process, I also format your manuscript to be ready for publish as a Kindle e-book.  

This service also comes with a free Editor's Report, a 1-page letter highlighting the most common issues I found during editing, geared toward showing you how to avoid your most common writing mistakes to become a better writer.


Line editing focuses on improving: 

    • Sentence structure
    • Clarity and sense of scenes
    • Awkward phrasing
    • Content of storyline
    • Consistency of characters and actions
    • Rhythm (ensures a mix of long and short sentences for improved flow)
    • Gerunds, nominalizations, and passive voice
    • Parallelism and correlative conjunctions
    • Breaks up too-long paragraphs 
    • Includes Kindle e-book formatting


My line editing service does not focus on word choice, punctuation, spelling, repetitiveness, or grammar. (If this is what you're looking for, check out my proofreading service.)


Please read my guide for information on sample edits, editing packages, rush project options, and the scheduling process.

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