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Posted by Kristen Hamilton on June 30, 2017 at 9:00 AM

The relationship between an author and his or her editor is critical. With the optimal balance of open communication and clear goals, the right book editor can help an author transform a book from a “good” manuscript to a bestselling novel.

As a book editor, I read for a living (and yes, it’s as awesome as you think it would be). Having the opportunity to edit and improve a book from a rough draft to a polished product is a fantastic thing. In my work since 2012, I’ve edited some excellent books…and some that have shot to or near the top of Amazon bestsellers lists in their respective genres.  Below is a list of several authors whose books (edited by Kristen Corrects, Inc.!) have done exceedingly well (Top 20 or higher, Best Book of the Month, or won an award) in Amazon sales by indie author standards.

 On Daring and Life

by Alicia Anderson

Edited by Kristen Hamilton

On Daring and Life received recognition for one of

Amazon’s Best Books of 2015 and was named 

Amazon’s Best Book of the Month (July 2015).

I completed a full edit on Alicia’s book

developmental editing, line editing, then proofreading. 

As of the time of this article, On Daring and Life has

received 27 five-star reviews.

Cornered by Alan Brenham

Edited by Kristen Hamilton

Cornered was featured as Amazon’s Best Book 

of the Month (May 2015) and has garnered positive

reviews from USA Today bestselling authors and

Amazon Top-100 reviewers.

I did a line edit on CorneredIt was an honor to work

with Alan, as he’s an international bestselling author

of crime thrillers.

  Pinnacle Lust

by Michelle Dim-St. Pierre

Proofread by Kristen Hamilton


Pinnacle Lust won 9 awards at various contests,

including Best Romance and Best General

Fiction book. I served as the proofreading editor

for Pinnacle Lust.


Three Points of Contact

by Gregory Q. Cheek

Edited by Kristen Hamilton

Gregory Q. Cheek’s debut book garnered over 7,000

pre-sales prior to publication and culminated in a

national speaking tour. Once released, it reached #1

on Amazon’s Best Seller List in the Oncology genre

(August 2015).

I completed several developmental editing passes,

followed by line editing and proofreading, and worked

alongside proofreader Gillian Burgess. Three Points

of Contact currently has 95 five-star reviews on



Some Call It Life, Others Call

It Faith by C.M. Hodges

Edited by Kristen Hamilton

C.M. Hodges’ debut novel reached #2 in Amazon’s

Religious & Liturgical genre (August 2015). I did 

a line edit and proofread on her book. 


Crunching Numbers by Jason

Fitzgerald and Vijay Natarajan

Edited by Kristen Hamilton

Crunching Numbers, the debut book by Jason

Fitzgerald & Vijay Natarajan, reached #7 in Amazon’s

American Football genre (March 2017). Crunching

Numbers has also been mentioned on CNBC, ESPN,

ESPN (again!) and Yahoo Finance

I provided my two most common services, a line edit

and a proofread, on Jason and Vijay’s book. 

  Resurrectionists by Lou Paduano

Edited by Kristen Hamilton

Author Lou Paduano is known for his supernatural/

paranormal Greystone series, and his prequel

Resurrectionists is a double Amazon bestseller,

reaching #5 in the Fantasy – Superhero genre

and #14 in the Horror – Occult genre (May 2017). 

Just like with all Lou’s books, on Resurrectionists I

did a line edit and a proofread.

Solar Winds: Providence Ends

by Bryan G. Shewmaker

Edited by Kristen Hamilton

In June 2017 Providence Ends reached #10 in

Amazon's Space Opera genre, and #9 in the

Military Sci-Fi genreWith Bryan's debut work,

I did a manuscript critique, then a proofread.


The Year They Tried to Kill Me

by Dr. Salvatore Iaquinta

Proofread by Kristen Hamilton

Sal Iaquinta published his book in 2012, but it has

remained successful on Amazon, remaining high

(#20) on Amazon’s Humor – Doctors & Medicine

genre at the time of this writing.

I served as the proofreading editor for The Year

They Tried to Kill Me.

  In the Shadow of Light

by Tracy Causley

Edited by Kristen Hamilton

In the Shadow of Light won the bronze medal for

Best First Book - Fiction in the 2018 Independent

Publisher Book Awards

I did a big-picture developmental edit on Tracy's

book, and I'm so proud for her achievement. 


Blood Cure by K.R. Willis

Edited by Kristen Hamilton

The first in the supernatural Keira Blackwater series

by, Blood Cure soared to the top of the Amazon

bestsellers lists, becoming a quintuple bestseller: 

    • #1 in the Occult Supernatural genre
    • #1 in the Classic Cars genre,
    • #1 in the Women's Adventure genre,
    • #1 in the Action & Adventure - Fantasy genre
    • #1 in the Contemporary genre.

It also cracked the Top 100 books on Amazon

overallbecoming the #60 most popular book

across the entire Amazon store in May 2018.

I completed a manuscript critique then a proofread on

Blood CureThe book has been a major success,

securing over 30 five-star reviews on Amazon by the

time of this publication.


Blood for Blood by K.R. Willis

Edited by Kristen Hamilton

Blood for Blood, book 2 of the Keira Blackwater

series, reached #19 in the Teen & Young Adult

Geography & Cultures - US genre. I completed

a manuscript critique then a proofread.

Blood for Blood and the first book Blood Cure

have been approved for the aptitude reading tests

for grades 9 and 10 in her nearby Oklahoma school

district, and the series has been added to the



The King's Sun by Isaac Grisham

Edited by Kristen Hamilton

Isaac Grisham's debut novel The King's Sun was 

honored as a Finalist in the 2018 International Book

Awards' LGBT Fiction category! 

I completed a line edit and proofread on The

King's Sun


Mommy Loves the Banker

by Sharon Hughson

Manuscript critique by Kristen Hamilton

Sharon Hughson's Mommy Loves the Banker, Book 4

in the Mommy's Little Matchmakers collection 

published by Sweet Promise Press, reached #11 in

the Friendship Fiction genre in March 2019!

Mommy Loves the Banker shared this list with 

Fredrik Backman's 2014 New York Times bestseller

A Man Called Ove

The Golden Butterfly

by Celia Aily Carranza

Edited by Kristen Hamilton

Celia Aily Carranza's debut memoir took First Place 

in the Body, Mind, Spirit Book Awards in the

Angels & Spirit Guides category! The Golden

Butterfly was also a Finalist in the Spiritual Healing

categoryI completed a developmental edit, line edit,

and proofread, where cut out about 60,000 words

to make the overall plot and story themes more

prominent. Whew! 

I am humbly grateful for the authors who selected me to edit their books, and even more thankful for the authors who say they couldn’t have done it without my help and have given me some wonderful testimonials. Being able to say that these authors climbed high on Amazon bestsellers lists in their respective genres makes me a proud editor…and knowing I make a difference in the final version of these books—the product that readers buy and put on their bookshelves—makes me love my job that much more.

I believe that having a best-selling independently published book is a result of many things, including the story concept, quality of writing and editing, and marketing. Contact me if you're looking for an author-editor collaboration or if you'd just like some advice on making your next book as successful as possible!


Book editor Kristen Hamilton is the owner and sole employee of

Kristen Corrects, Inc., where she provides manuscript editing

services for traditionally and self-publishing authors. Several

authors whose books she has edited have won awards and have

topped Amazon's best sellers lists.

Reading is Kristen's passion, so when the workday is over, she

can usually be found curled up with a good book alongside her

four cats. She loves watching cat videos and scary movies,

eating pizza, teaching herself French, and traveling, and is

likely planning her next vacation. She lives outside of Boise, ID.

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