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Posted by Kristen House on April 26, 2018 at 1:25 AM

The Basic is—you guessed it—my basic editing service to get your book ready for publication. If your book has been through a developmental edit and/or you are comfortable in your manuscript’s pacing, tone, narrative style, and overall structure, The Basic is a great next step for your book.

What's Included
This service includes line editing and proofreading, two separate and distinct passes through your manuscript.


    • Sentence structure
    • Clarity and sense of scenes
    • Awkward phrasing
    • Content of storyline
    • Consistency of characters and actions
    • Rhythm (ensures a mix of long and short sentences for improved flow)
    • Gerunds, nominalizations, and passive voice
    • Parallelism and correlative conjunctions
    • Breaks up too-long paragraphs
    • Includes Kindle ebook formatting


    • Spelling
    • Capitalization errors
    • Typos
    • Punctuation
    • Syntax
    • Grammatical errors
    • Word choice
    • Repetitiveness
    • Missing or repeated words
    • Eliminating unnecessary words

The Basic also includes an Editor's Report, a 1-page letter highlighting the most common issues I found during editing, geared toward showing you how to avoid your most common writing mistakes to become a better writer.

One-On-One Support
I take the editor-author relationship seriously, and I’m in your corner to help your book succeed. I understand you might have a ton of questions about how to succeed in the publishing world—and I can help with that!  I'm available to talk about your book, the publishing industry, or simply give advice or feedback.

The Basic package includes:

    • unlimited e-mail support
    • 1-hour phone consultation

When you book your Basic editing package, I'll set up a time with you for a 1-hour phone call after I complete the manuscript edits. We'll spend this time talking about the changes I made in your manuscript and what the next steps are to ensure you have a successful publication.

Extra Packages
For self-publishing authors, I also offer the Self-Publishing Package, which includes ebook formatting and blurb writing services for the back cover description of your book.

For traditionally publishing authors, I offer a range of services in the Traditional Publishing Package, include writing the book’s synopsis and query letter for sending the manuscript to an agent/publisher.

The Basic editing package is two editing services, two passes over the manuscript. I do these consecutively (first line editing, then proofreading), usually with a day or two break between the editing services. When I send back the manuscript, it will be completely done and 100% ready for immediate publication.

The process generally takes me 3 to 4 weeks to complete, depending on my availability and your manuscript's length. I'm usually booked several months in advance; please e-mail me to check current availability.

The Basic: A Step-by-Step Process


STEP 1: Contact me to determine what editing services are best for your book, then get on my schedule. I’ll provide you with a schedule of dates for when I’ll be line editing and proofreading your manuscript.

STEP 2: Final tweaks. As your schedule date approaches, continue working on your manuscript for as long as you’d like. When it’s two weeks to start date, I’ll send you a reminder email.

STEP 3: Line editing pass. In this editing pass, I’m focused on improving sentence structure, looking at the logic and clarity of scenes, maintaining consistency, rhythm of sentences, and breaking up too-long paragraphs. It makes sure, for example, that each character has consistent actions, or that the spelling of a name or place doesn't change. If something is muddy or hard to understand, I will ensure it is clear and reads easily. Line editing also formats your manuscript to be ready for publication as a Kindle ebook.

STEP 4: Proofreading pass. Proofreading is the last step in the editing process before publishing. It focuses mainly on word choice, punctuation, spelling, and grammar, and is basically a final read-through to make sure your book doesn’t have any surface errors. Once proofreading is complete, your book will be ready for self-publishing immediately, or to be sent out to agents/publishers.

STEP 5: Ready for publication. After proofreading is complete, I send the manuscript back to you—it’s done with editing and is ready to be sent out to agents/publishers, or to be published as an ebook.


If this doesn't sound like the option you want, check out my other editing packages. Ready to book, or just have a question? Contact me—I look forward to reading your manuscript!

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