Nov 13 | Bill Riley's debut memoir Baghdaddy, first edits by Kristen Hamilton, won Best New Non-Fiction at the 2019 Best Book Awards at the American Book Fest!

Oct 28  |  Kristen is interviewed by the Authors Unite Show podcast!

Oct 25  |  Kristen has been selected as a panelist at Write Hive 2020This is a FREE 48-hour online writing conference with panels, workshops, and chats. The first ever Write Hive will take place April 18-19, 2020.

Sept 30  |  Kristen celebrates 7 years at Kristen Corrects, Inc.! Check out her blog post The Best Things about Being a Book Editor.

Sept 16 |  Bill Riley's debut memoir Baghdaddy took First Place in the Military Writers Society of America 2019 awards! Baghdaddy also received special recognition in the form of the Founder's Award for memoir.

Aug 9  |  Kristen is featured in the article Straight Talk from Editor to Author.

Aug 1  |  Michelle Dim-St. Pierre's novel Bloody Coffee, edited by Kristen Hamilton, is named as an Honorable Mention in the General Fiction category in four book festivals!

June 26  |  Kristen's guest post Why Every Author Needs an Editor is published.

Apr 1  |  Celia Aily Carranza's memoir The Golden Butterfly won two awards and has become the next Kristen Corrects-edited award-winning book!



The Authors Unite Show

The Authors Unite Show interviews Kristen on why she chooses to edit fiction, her daily flow for max editing productivity, and the power of transforming authors’ books.

Straight Talk from Editor to Author by Sharon L. Hughson

Sharon L. Hughson, author of Love's Late Arrival and Mommy Loves the Banker, interviews Kristen about self-editing and working through disagreements.

The Editor - Kristen Hamilton by Gurpreet Kaur Sidhu

Gurpreet Kaur Sidhu, author of the thriller Storm, interviews Kristen about the typical day in the life of a book editor.

He Said, I Said by Michelle Dim-St. Pierre

Michelle Dim-St. Pierre, author of Pinnacle Lust, interviews Kristen following her presentation at the 2017 Boise Book Fest.

Manuscript Editing Interview by Lou Paduano

Greystone series author Lou Paduano interviews Kristen to understand the manuscript editing process.

Pros Talking Prose by Stacey Smekofske

Kristen Hamilton is featured on the Pros Talking Prose episode "What to Expect from Your Editor."





Sept 3 | Steve Feins' historical fiction George Washington, Defendant is published!


Aug 31 | Jennifer Dare's fantasy novel Storm's Legacy: Destiny Travels is published!


Aug 25 | Death is a Habit, the debut memoir by author Sieglinde Coe Martens, is released!


May 28 | Author Kelly McIntire's second book Adventures in Fairy Meadow is published!


May 7 | Bill Riley's memoir Baghdaddy: How Saddam Hussein Taught Me to Be a Better Father, is published by Brown Books.


May 6 | Isaac Grisham's The King's Fear, Book 2 in The Brass Machine series, is published!


Apr 22 | Michelle Dim-St. Pierre's Bloody Coffee, book two in the Pinnacle series, is published by Mountain Arbor Press!


Mar 25 |  Pina, the debut sci-fi novel by Bernadette Richards, is available on Amazon!