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"Her professionalism, support, attention to detail, hard work, prompt replies, answering all our questions, suggestions - you name it, that's Kristen! After she completed our project, Kristen stayed close by helping us through the next steps of publishing. Kristen is not just our professional editor, but our friend - who played a huge role in making a dream come true."

- Jason Fitzgerald & Vijay Natarajan, authors of Crunching Numbers


“I was absolutely blown away by the high quality of Kristen's work and ethic. She went above and beyond what I expected from an editor, and clearly had my best interests in mind."    

- Richard Li, author of Find True North

She was professional in her dealings, tactful in the handling of manuscript improvement issues, genuine and encouraging with her feedback, and punctual with meeting her promised deadlines. It's clear she loves her job and helping writers achieve success.

- Tracy Causley, author of In the Shadow of Light


"Most importantly, she cares about her client’s work and career. If you’re looking for someone who genuinely cares about your work, wants to see you succeed and will set you up for success, Kristen is the one you want to work with. Her attitude, personality, professionalism and knowledge are the reasons why I chose her over all the other editors out there. I will continue to work with Kristen as I am now and I can tell you with full confidence that you won’t regret your decision when you work with her!"

- Gurpreet K. Sidhu, author of Storm


"Kristen is a joy to work with. I mostly appreciate how she instinctively knows what my [writing] voice is and the way I use it. I don’t think she ever had to ask for that. It’s uncanny how she just knows." 

- Kat Hibbard, author of the Chubby Chasers trilogy


"To say that Kristen is really good at what she does would be a huge understatement. Kristen was honest, professional and extremely knowledgeable. She gave me the hard truth about my work, which is exactly what I needed. I had to make some significant changes to my first manuscript, but Kristen was right there with me throughout the entire process. She was excellent at capturing my overall vision, patient, efficient, superb with her turnaround times, and dedicated to my project as if I were her only client, even though I wasn’t. I would absolutely recommend her to anyone looking to get quality work and the total package as it relates to editing services."

- Maurice Belfonté, author of The Foreigner 


"Kristen digs deep and dedicates herself to the manuscript. I am currently working with her on my second project and I am super excited. She is thorough, honest, and friendly when giving feedback. I appreciate her organized methods of communication and recommend her for any project."

Tanela Hicks, author of Twin Souls and Dreams of the Heart


I could not have asked for a better experience working with Kristen...this would never have been possible without her and I can never thank her enough for her work on the project. I am eternally grateful for everything and can’t wait to send her my next book.

- Lou Paduano, author of the Greystone series


“Stephen King often speaks of the writer's toolbox, a metaphorical container in which a writer keeps and improves upon their skills and resources. Kristen is a resource that every writer should have in his or her toolbox. Not only is Kristen a fantastic editor, but she strives to help authors develop their craft by offering suggestions and advice based on her years of experience."

- Isaac Grisham, author of The King’s Sun and The King's Fear


"Her skillful weeding of excess transformed my book into a fast paced novel. She was positive, friendly and easy to work with. The whole experience has been enjoyable and educational.”

- Bernadette Richards, author of Pina

"Kristen won me over with her energy, enthusiasm, and vast experience working with various genres. I’m a motivational speaker and not a writer… Kristen made me seem like a poet! Kristen patiently worked me through my rough draft and walked me through each phase of the book.If you want an editor with endless energy, brilliant wordsmith of tying together a book in any genre, you need Kristen!"
- Gregory Q. Cheek, author of Three Points of Contact

“She provides clear and specific instructions on how to place back story, lengthy descriptions, etc. in their proper place. Kristen is professional, has an excellent work ethic and delivers when she promises."
- Alicia Anderson, author of On Daring and Life

"I was amazed how much information and feedback I received from her.  Kristen has been professional, friendly, and courteous every time I have emailed her with a question, and for me, that makes her rank at the top of my list. I couldn’t have done it without her (or I could have, it just wouldn’t be as good!). If you’re looking for an editor who will be honest and help you take your writing to the next level, I highly recommend Kristen.” 

- K.R. Willis, author of Blood Cure and Blood for Blood


"She thoroughly and effectively gave useful guidance ranging from word choice, to plot-threading. And at all times she did so with a level of care that demonstrates that she does indeed understand just how personal any manuscript is to the one who writes it.

I could go on at length about Kristen's superb mastery of the language, and her understanding of the brick and mortar that forms the written word. But the truth is, that is not why I recommend her. You can get that from many editors. A wise man once said that people will not remember exactly what you say to them, but they will remember forever how you make them feel. Kristen made me feel that I was working with someone who actually cared about the success of my project, rather than someone to whom it was simply a job. If your manuscript is your child, Kristen is the perfect nanny.” 

- Bryan Shewmaker, author of Providence Ends 


Kristen is one of the most talented, lovely, grounded and 'nice' literary people I have ever met. We work as a team. She tolerates my occasional flurry of insecurity emails very well. Her advice is easily given and always pertinent. Work with her! Your book will improve greatly. A million thank yous, Kristen!

“From the beginning Kristen provided guidance for every step along the way. She gave thorough explanations of all the changes she made and, with much kindness, coached me to be a better writer. Because of her experience in the industry, she was able to advise me on communication with publishers. Kristen is totally responsive to questions, and, almost best of all, produces her edits on the day she promises. You will be a fortunate author to have Kristen as your editor!” 

- Sharon Romm, MD, author of Life Beyond Medicine


"Kristen is flexible, does her best to accommodate all your needs, and she is always quick to reply to any questions with plenty of educational information. I am most grateful for the constructive feedback she provided on the first draft of my manuscript. If it wasn't for her, I would have never pushed myself and fully developed the plot.

Kristen has given me hope, clever tips and shared some invaluable contacts to begin my journey to get published. She is a pro with a friendly approach who goes above and beyond her job description. Thank you so much!"

- Flaminia Ciocca, author


"Her patience and thorough attention to my books, along with her 'delicate' education via websites and helpful articles, helped shape me as a writer as well as helped to bring my books to their fullest potential. She's a great asset to any author and I highly recommend her completely!"

- Susan B. Roara, author of the Right Family series


"Kristen found my book in my writing. All I can say is that she treated me better than anyone I have worked with."

- Matt Glowacki, author of Able-Bodied Like Me




Blood Cure

by K.R. Willis

Edited by Kristen Hamilton

The Trial of Garrett Palmer

by Terrance J. Pinckney

Edited by Kristen Hamilton

Pinnacle Lust

by Michelle Dim-St. Pierre

Proofed by Kristen Hamilton

In The Shadow of Light

by Tracy Causley

Edited by Kristen Hamilton

The Final Departure

by Epp Marsh III

Edited by Kristen Hamilton


The Red Field

by Jason Taylor Morgan

Edited by Kristen Hamilton

The Power Within

by J.E. Nelson

Edited by Kristen Hamilton

The Foreigner

by Maurice R. Belfonte

Edited by Kristen Hamilton


by E.A. Snowden

Edited by Kristen Hamilton


by Justin Finley

Edited by Kristen Hamilton


Signs of Portents

by Lou Paduano

Edited by Kristen Hamilton

The King's Sun

by Isaac Grisham

Edited by Kristen Hamilton

Butterfly Red Sky

by Aubrey Moore

Edited by Kristen Hamilton


by Gurpreet Kaur Sidhu

Edited by Kristen Hamilton

Back Home

by W.L. Harvey

Edited by Kristen Hamilton



by John Legget Jones

Edited by Kristen Hamilton

The Right Family

by Susan B. Roara

Edited by Kristen Hamilton

Love's Late Arrival

by Sharon Hughson

Edited by Kristen Hamilton

Chubby Chasers

by Kat Hibbard

Edited by Kristen Hamilton

The Guardian's Protector

by Debbie Green

Edited by Kristen Hamilton


An Assassin's Redemption

by Tanya S.M. Kennedy

Edited by Kristen Hamilton

Born to Die

by Lezleigh Vincent

Edited by Kristen Hamilton


by L. Anthony Skelton

Edited by Kristen Hamilton

Brain in a Jar

by David Charles Shaw

Edited by Kristen Hamilton

In Name Only

by Meredith Lamonica

Edited by Kristen Hamilton


Love Sick

by Autumn J. Bright

Edited by Kristen Hamilton

Night Project 

by Sam Morreale

Edited by Kristen Hamilton

O'Rourke, The Medicine Man

by Jason Taylor Morgan

Edited by Kristen Hamilton

The Coterie: Declaration

by Richard McClain II

Edited by Kristen Hamilton

The Terarch Rebellion

by Tanya S.M. Kennedy

Edited by Kristen Hamilton


Priests of War

by Chris Layne

Edited by Kristen Hamilton

Anna and the Artists

by Stewart O'Brien

Edited by Kristen Hamilton

Katie O'Malley & The Obelisk

by P.L. Hogan

Edited by Kristen Hamilton

Exploits of the Elect

by J.E. Dobson

Edited by Kristen Hamilton


by Autumn J. Bright

Edited by Kristen Hamilton