"She was genuine and encouraging with her feedback, and punctual with meeting her promised deadlines. It's clear she loves her job and helping writers achieve success. Kristen is both professional and meticulous. Even long after their books have left her care, Kristen continues to support and cheer for the authors she has worked with."

Tracy Causley, author of In the Shadow of Light2018 IPPY award winner

"I was amazed how much information and feedback I received from her. Kristen has been professional, friendly, and courteous every time I have emailed her with a question, and for me, that makes her rank at the top of my list.  If you’re looking for an editor who will be honest and help you take your writing to the next level, I highly recommend Kristen.” 

K.R. Willis, author of Blood Cure

and Blood for Blood, Amazon best sellers

"As a new author, I’ve needed a lot of support in producing a quality product and in learning the ropes of fiction writing. She has been there for me every step of the way. Her attention to detail is impeccable, and…her special touch has made my work shine without quieting my voice or squelching my writing style."

Kelly McIntire, author of Adventures in 

“Kristen is no doubt a top-of-the-line talent. She has served as a magnificent adviser in regards to taking the next steps with my book in marketing, social media platform build-up, key references, and important opinions. For my debut novel I made the perfect decision to choose Kristen Corrects as my editor."

Epp Marsh III, author of 

As a first time author, I found Kristen to be very accessible and easy to work with. Her advice is outstanding and spot on. What a valuable asset she is. I was so pleased with Kristen’s work that I asked her to provide final editing for my second novel, Bloody Coffee. I highly recommend Kristen."

– Michelle Dim-St. Pierre, author of 

"To say that Kristen is good at what she does would be an understatement. Kristen was honest, professional, gave me the hard truth about my work, and was right there with me throughout the entire process. She was excellent at capturing my overall vision, patient, efficient, superb with her turnaround times, and dedicated to my project. Absolutely recommend her." 

Maurice Belfonté, author of 

The Foreigner

"Kristen won me over with her energy, enthusiasm, and vast experience working with various genres. I’m a motivational speaker and not a writer… Kristen made me seem like a poet! Kristen patiently worked me through my rough draft and walked me through each phase of the book. If you want an editor with endless energy…you need Kristen!"
Gregory Q. Cheek, author of Three Points of Contact, Amazon best seller

"I could not have asked for a better experience working with Kristen…this would never have been possible without her and I can never thank her enough for her work on the project. I am eternally grateful for everything and can’t wait to send her my next book."

"I could not have asked for a better experience working with Kristen…this would never have been possible without her and I can never thank her enough for her work on the project. I am eternally grateful for everything and can’t wait to send her my next book."

the Greystone series

"Kristen is a joy to work with. I mostly appreciate how she instinctively knows what my [writing] voice is and the way I use it. Her professionalism is unmatchable. She keeps in touch with the author throughout the editing process to ensure the finished product stays in tune with his/her voice.

Kat Hibbard, author of the 

Chubby Chasers trilogy

"Her skillful weeding of excess transformed my book into a fast-paced novel. She was positive, friendly and easy to work with. The whole experience has been enjoyable and educational.”

Bernadette Richards, author of Pina

"Her patience and thorough attention to my books, along with her 'delicate' education via websites and helpful articles, helped shape me as a writer as well as helped to bring my books to their fullest potential. She's a great asset to any author and I highly recommend her completely!"

Susan B. Roara, author of 

the Right Family series

“Stephen King often speaks of the writer's toolbox, a metaphorical container in which a writer keeps and improves upon their skills and resources. Kristen is a resource that every writer should have in his or her toolbox. Not only is Kristen a fantastic editor, but she strives to help authors develop their craft by offering suggestions and advice."

Isaac Grisham, author of The King’s Sun

(2018 International Book Awards Finalist) 

and The King's Fear

“Kristen is professional, has an excellent work ethic and delivers when she promises. She communicates with her clients in an effective, practical yet always encouraging manner. She is professional, responsive and always delivers when she promises. I will definitely hire Kristen again to edit my second book."
Alicia Anderson, author of On Daring and Life, Amazon's Best Book of the Month

"Her work on my books gives them a professional polish they would never get with self editing. She’s not afraid to lay out what she thinks will improve your work and is always available with encouragement when you feel overwhelmed. Her knowledge and support is vast and enthusiastically given. I can’t imagine going to anyone else."

– Tanya Kennedy, author of 

The Terarch Rebellion

"I love how she digs deep in my stories and is honest with what works and what doesn’t. She’s fantastic. Anytime I have questions about an edit she is quick to respond. She’s very thorough! If you want to look professional & grab more readers then get your story edited by Kristen! She is my forever editor!"

Aubrey Moore, author of 

"Kristen is one of the most talented literary people I have ever met. We work as a team. Her advice is easily given and always pertinent. She is quick to find the heart of the novel, the voice of the main character and the ebb and flow of the plot. She's  insightful, always encouraging and literarily very smart."

Jason Taylor Morgan, author of The Red FieldStill River, Magnificent Among the Angelfish, and O'Rourke, The Medicine Man

"I could go on at length about Kristen's superb mastery of the language. But the truth is…you can get that from many editors. Kristen made me feel that I was working with someone who actually cared about the success of my project, rather than someone to whom it was simply a job. If your manuscript is your child, Kristen is the perfect nanny.” 

Bryan Shewmaker, author of 

Providence Ends, Amazon best seller

"Her professionalism, support, attention to detail, hard work, prompt replies, answering all our questions, suggestions that's Kristen! After she completed our project, Kristen stayed close by helping us through the next steps of publishing. Kristen played a huge role in making a dream come true."

Jason Fitzgerald & Vijay Natarajan, 

authors of Crunching Numbers

Amazon best seller


"Kristen feels like a partner in this whole writing thing, and that is hard to find. Kristen is a knowledgeable and professional editor who took my personal writing style into consideration during the line editing process. In my experience with other editors, this is an uncommon trait. I highly recommend her for fiction editing."

Sharon Hughson, author of 

Mimi and the Banker

Amazon best seller

"My major concern during editing was to preserve Baghdaddy’s voice, while improving readability and story focus over several cycles of editing. What made Kristen MY editor was her talent and trust. She’s a top-tier editor with impressive skills, and she respected my ability to tell a story. We trusted each other to do our jobs, and that synergy is apparent on the page."

– Bill Riley, author of Baghdaddy

award winner of the Military Writers Society of America and Founders Award for Stand Out Book of 2019

“Kristen has super-power editing skills. If you're looking for a copyediting ninja, then Kristen is your girl! She knows her stuff, works fast, answers emails quickly. She's very easy to work with and truly a professional.”

– Maleah Day Warner, author of 

Lies of the Magpie, Amazon best seller

“I can’t say enough about Kristen’s hard work on my manuscript. She answered all my questions, pointed me in the right direction when I got lost, and delivered to me an expertly polished manuscript. I couldn’t be happier with what Kristen’s attention to detail did for my book. I feel like a ten-year-old on Christmas morning. Best experience ever!”

–  G. Edward Smith, author of Jacob’s Pass

“I love Kristen's work, her beautiful disposition—she has the greatest soul and has lit the path to my way as an author. I’m very grateful to have her on my team. The world needs more editors like herwith integrity, Light, and a good heart."

– Celia Carranza, author of 

The Golden Butterfly

Body, Mind, Spirit Book Awards winner

“Kristen was willing to answer questions I had, guiding me even before I had the manuscript ready for her to review. After I gave her the manuscript, Kristen provided a timely, honest, and pointed review with equally important guidance to correct the specific issues she found, focusing on making the book the best it can be.”

–  Ronald Grasmick, 

author of Edward’s Folly



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